Human resource turning speed

hello everyone I am building a simulation with an operator loading

my issue is that there is too much time wasted on the turning

for example he goes to a station and then he has to rotate 180 degrees before he moves to the next station. there is alot of rotation movements that end up adding up to alot of time.

i have increased to the rotation speed to 360 deg per sec but it is still too slow. is there any way to make this any faster? if I increase the number any more the rotation does not speed up at all.

Do you want the worker to side step? Which human resource in which library, e.g. the Works resources or Process Modeling?

Hey Zesty

Thanks for the reply I am working with process modeling methodology
so I see according to the comment there the minimum time is 0.5.

so yes side stepping would help if the waling speed is the same. because those turn timings are adding a lot of time to operator sequence