Hi there, Im using the Essentials 4.2 version.

Im using a conveyor to move the part (box) between two stations. I need to rotate the box 45deg while it is moving in the conveyor or in a station. I saw on the video this can be done with Professional and Premium versions by creating a new task. How can I create a custom task or simulate rotations on the parts?


If I am understanding what you are trying to do then what you are looking for is access to the python API with essentials? there is an add-on that allows you to access the behaviors that are normally easily accessed in VC Pro. Granted you will need to know python to be able to add the task but if you do that add-on might be what you are looking for. (PS since I have Pro I forgot the name of the actual add-on)

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From the academy tutorial, you can download the files and then use the Works Process component in your layout. The component has the RotateInPlace task. Another option is to use the rotate conveyor (forget what it is called) component in the Conveyors library in the VC eCat to rotate the part. Those are two ideas for Essentials users.

If you want to define your own animations, etc. then consider upgrading to Professional to make life easier so you can model components.

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Thanks, do you know where can I look for the add-on?

Hi, Try here: