How to order machine devices


I am curious about how to order when using multiple machine devices.

Currently I am using work process delays to order.

(If you do not enter a delay, the machine will run at random if there are more than 3 machines.)

In the picture below, there are yellow and green workpieces.

The yellow material will move to the yellow 1 to 4 machines, and the green material to the green 1 to 4 machines.

This method is difficult to modify. So I am looking for another way.

If you know of any other way, let me know.

[Delay Information]

  1. yellow
place delay time(s)
workpiece1 0
waiting place 0
1 30
2 45
3 70
4 85
2. green
place delay time(s)
workpiece2 140
waiting place 10
1 195
2 205
3 220
4 235


[Operation sequence of robot]

yellow workpiece1 -> waiting place -> yellow 1 to 4 machines


green workpiece2 -> waiting place -> green 1 to 4 machines



I attached the file I created.



And I’m trying to simulate it with Python, but it seems to be lacking in academy data.

I would like to let you know if there is an example to recommend to a Python starter.

(I want to see an example of a full simulation made with Python.)


nc-test.vcmx (7.01 MB)