how to create a panel like directory

1 I am developing some plugins for vc, but only a few documents for this, do you have documents for develop the plugin which use Python.

2 i want to load some components in my own panel , how can i load the components files, and display. like the panel on the left of vc.

3 can python replace .Net in UI development ?

The Python API of VC is mostly for simulation logic and some specific extension points in the application like component wizards with very limited UI.
The .NET API is for extending the application itself and not for simulation logic.

Thus you must use .NET to develop any non-trivial extensions. If you really like the syntax of Python over C#, maybe IronPython could work but I haven’t seen anybody try it.

If I don’t misunderstand question 2, you need to create a new collection. :-o

Add a Collection

Add a Collection Group

Add a Smart Collection


Q2. My friend, is this what you want to do?

If using .NET API is not an option, consider developing a Python add-on that opens an external application, e.g. a web app… like this?

Q1. In the Python API reference guide there are two topics on developing an add-on along with some sample projects.

Q3. It has been answered already.