How to create a component similar to the Works Robot Controller

hey,I want to create a component similar to the Works Robot Controller,but I hope it can directly control the gripper to perform tasks such as pick and place.

Can anyone help me, thank you.As shown in the figure, I want to design the base behind the gripper as the Works Robot Controller.

Hi ,

I recommend you to define kinematics and add Task signal that lets you to receive signals from works task manager . Thus you will be able to manage your system via machine process task.

If you specifically want to use a works robot manager, you can define an interface to attach actual robot manager and this will let to manage your robot .

I hope this will give you an idea .





Hello! Do you want to create a component to act as a gripper? Explain a bit the problem to be solved, and the what instruments you have to do so.


I am not trying to create a gripper, but I want to create a component that controls the gripper, just like a robotic hand and can write tasks like a robot controller.


Yeah. I got that.

You can model a box and call it “Robot_Controller”.

Method 1:

Define input and output signals as boolean behaviors. Also, create properties. After that, write a python script that controls this new component, based on the input signals and properties. This component will act as a mediator.

Method 2:

You can get the behaviors/properties of any component in the layout using the “Robot_Controller” python script. Then do what you want with that component you just got.

I attached a component for you to start developing.

Robot_Controller.vcmx (20 KB)

hello i’m a the primary user of this software, and i want to add a booleansignal to control the robot start to work or stop work, but i don’t know how to modify the Python, and how to realize it

See this tutorial at Academy for starters:

But for use case as that simple I would just program the robot. Use Wait for binary input statement etc.