How to change the robot's speed in KUKA Sim 3.1

At the moment, the only time I change the speed is when I’m teaching a new point. But it took me a long time to accomplish and I think this strategy is not true. So how can I change the robot’s speed using Python or any other settings. Many thanks to everyone.

What exactly do you mean by “only time I (can?) change the speed is when a new point is being taught”?
In the programming tab you can click on the ptp/linear statement and change the speed directly from there instead of making a new statement over and over again (if I understood you correctly).

If you want to make it through Python scripts, these courses should help:



I wrote by KRL like this:
BAS (#VEL_CP,2.0)
BAS (#VEL_PTP,100)
So how should i write by Python to change Robot’s speed?
Many thanks.

Thank you so much. Because i changed the robot’s speed in KUKA Sim 4.0 trial by KRL code. But when i use KUKA Sim 3.1 i can’t find any way except clicking on the ptp/linear statement and changing the speed directly there. Sorry for my bad English.

If you can, you can check the “control servos” academy tutorial and set the speeds you want in KUKA Sim via Python and then use a post processor add-on to translate that into KRL. The post processor add-on can be found in the forums at: Robot Program Post Processor (downloader)

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