How to calculate process speed for statements

Hi everybody,

I’m working with KUKA Sim Pro 3.1 and try to calculate process speed for one statement. It means that I need sample the position while the simulation is running. I use interpolator to realize this function, the main structure as follow:

app = getApplication()
routine = app.TeachContext.ActiveRoutine
controller = routine.Program.Executor.Controller
times = []
sampleTime = 0.5
t = 0
sampleTargets = []
interpolator = controller.createMotionInterpolator()
#targets are vcMotionTarget which are get from statements in scope
interpolator.Targets = targets 
for i in range(len(targets)):
  cycletime = interpolator.getCycleTimeAtTarget(i)
while t < cycletime 
  sampleTarget = interpolator.interpolate(t)
  t += sampleTime 

when I run this python, the method “interpolator.interpolate(t)” can only run once when t is zero, then the program will crash. And the “sampleTarget” I got is strange. it has no value of “JointValues” and many other properties.

Could you help me check for error?

As I known, Sim pro 3.1 add RCS module in KUKA robot controller. Is it the reason why the method “interpolator.interpolate(t)” can’t use? (I test same program in SimPro 3.0.5, it works good)

For Sim Pro 3.1 and KUKA robot, is there any other way obtain the process position?


Please report the crash to Kuka support and how to reproduce it. The interpolator uses the internal robot controller, so what happens if you disable RCS?