How do I set the coordinates of a product for the work process to generate product of same coord?

I have an object that is facing down, with Rx coordinates set at 180.

However, when I tried to create a task using this object, the work process set the object back to its original coord with Rx set at 0. But I want Rx of the object created on the work process to be set at 180. Any idea?


run simulation and let the part be created, then rotate the created part in 3D world. Click on button “TeachLocation” in the Works process.


Tried it thanks! I ran to another problem in regards to merging it with a product. How do I merge this on top of the box instead of the bottom? It is currently merged to the bottom of the box during the process.

Did you use the Merge-task to merge parts together?

see Tasks Reference Guide (page 87 merg-task):

Thank you! I have managed to fix this by fixing the coordinates of the previous item and using the “teach location” step you have mentioned. Have a great day buddy!