How can I Pick in advance

The usual material flow is to wait for the product to “transport out” before the “transport in” command is started. When the “transport in” command is started, the robot will start to grab the next product.
However, I need to make the robot grab the next product in advance before the previous product “transport out”, and then the robot puts the captured product on the process node after the previous product “transport out”

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You can add a RunRobotRoutine before the transport out executes in your PM logic. Record a PICK routine and save it in robot program. Execute this PICK before the TransportOut.

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This is a demo I made according to your suggestion. I don’t know whether I misunderstood it or not, and the result did not work as expected.

Could you help me check what went wrong in the demo?
per_pick_v02.vcmx (1.0 MB)

You can do it with the robot routines for example like this.
per_pick_v03.vcmx (1.1 MB)

@HPatil @Este
Thank for your help.
I found a better solution and share it below
per_pick_v04.vcmx (1.0 MB)

It is necessary to add a waiting signal in the place routine to control when the Part is placed into the Process Node.