How can I create a custom Cooperative manipulator with 6aixs? Its Initial posture is here

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Hi, take a look at this Video tutorial on the VC-Academy:
You can sheck if one of the UR robots fits as a template for yours.

Thanks,howerer,I can’t watch these videos from China.The website( is limited in China! Could you give me another way?Thank you!

There are several ways to watch YouTube in China. One of my favorite YouTuber’s, Dianxi Xiaoge and her dog Da Wang, is based in China. She doesn’t do any robot modeling though :slight_smile:

Here are some options.

  1. Contact the VC partner in China to get access video tutorials.
  2. Contact VC support. They can help you model it or model it for you if they have permission to use the CAD file, for example to add the robot to the VC eCatalog.
  3. Share the CAD file and data sheet here and see how things go.