Help with Delfoi Robot Welding

Hi to all,
My company launched a robot welding cell in our facility and we want to use Delfoi software, but unfortunately, we don’t have enough experience here.
Can someone teach us and make the first welding setup?
Thanks in advance.

Hi there,

It might be best to contact the official support to get assistance setting up your first welding setup.
Please contact the support team through email:

They can provide training and assistance with setting up a welding robot.

Thanks for your help, we are waiting also for official courses but we want to speed up this process because the robot was installed for almost 3 months and standing idle in our facility.

Ok, that’s good to hear that official courses are already underway.
If you need to speed up the process, I recommend contacting the support team and explaining your situation to see what can be done.

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