Help : I/O control wizard - open-close movments controlled by robot ! VC v4.1


in the previous version i was able to achive such a movable object : gripper , press… etc


but now with the new version after a open the I/O control wizard and apply the functionality to the press , i noticed that i am not able to control it by sending signal from robot !! getting a new error msg in the output dialog !

i understood that the python script that generated during the I/O control wizard has an errors such an undifıned variables

i am not very good at python programming so that’s why i am not able to figure out what should i do, and normally as i said i wasn’t facing such a problem with the previous version

it was super easy to implement such a press !


please help with details to adapte my self with this new version
screenshot is attached


any help please !!

why nobody answring this question ! so interesting

I would recommend you submit a support ticket. After using the add-on, did you save the component, clear the 3D world, and then build a new layout with that component and a robot to test if it works? Are you using 4.1.2?