Having a Process Node move dynamically in the simulation?

I tried some time ago to use a Process Node attached to a Pallet Jack tool for a simulation and I wonder if anyone has a better idea or if a future patch in Process modeling will increase our components in warehousing.

The application that I wanted to model is related to warehouse and logistic industry. The idea is to have a moving Process Node that can follow an operator and simulate picking operations.

An operator uses a Forklift or a Pallet Jack tool to move an empty pallet around the warehouse, the operator will pick in several places in a specific order according a picking list. Then the worker transport the pallet into a truck or a loading zone. This process repeats many times in a warehouse, however each picking cycle has different number of picking in a different locations.

Currently the only way for Visual Components to simulate order picking in a warehouse is with a lot of process nodes and an exponential number of flow connections.