Gripper in 3 directions

hi, i am currently programming the gripper from my Simulation. I have a gripper with three jaws but i can´t seem to get it to work corretly. How do I Programm the gripper correctlly so the jaws open the right way. Thank you for your help!

. Thank you for your help!

  • You can upload your model for others to modify

Where can I upload my model?


Here as Attachment!


greifer_wellenenden_asm.stp (3.3 MB)

Greifer_welle.stp (3.5 MB)

Thank you for your help!

Here might be what you want.

Gripper_test.vcmx (2.2 MB)

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Many Thanks. Can you explain to me how you did it How did you insert the axles?

  • Select geometry
  • Extract link
  • Change JointType and Adjust Motion Axis
  • Use Wizards (Choice End Effector )

You could benefit from the below links.


Hi guys, I’m trying to program a different gripper. I’m not getting this right. Can someone help me with that.
Thank you for your help!
bg100_asm.stp (3.3 MB)