GeometrySet selection


to make it easier for the user you have to decided to remove the selection filter for geometry sets. Now I encounter following problem. I import a detailed CAD model with a couple of needless geometry sets that I would like to remove. In version 2014 I could easily switch to the geometry sets filter and than remove every geometry set by selection and click the remove keyboard button.

If I understand aright in VCP now I have to split a feature to transform a geometry set in a new seperate feature. And only now I’m able to delete the new feature/former geometry set.

Is there any other possiblity to access and manipulate the geometry sets of a feature? If not it would be a very circuitous proceeding to remove needless geometry sets. Why you don’t provide a selection and manipulation of geometry sets from the GUI although geometry sets are more or less base objects of a geometry features. Especially for the geomety reduction of detailed imported CAD models a direct access to geometry sets would speed up the modeling work.