Feeder Process - create Pattern

I would like to create an pattern with the new component “Feeder Process”. At the Moment I can only create one part at the time. No pattern, or more then one part. - Even with “transport pattern in”, is no change. I need a possibility to create (or transport in) more than one part at the time. so that the human can come and move all parts together to another place.
Do you have any Idea how I could fix that?
Thanks, DB

You need to use the Transport Pattern In statement and ensure that the component container of the transport node has its capacity set high enough. Otherwise the product creator will just wait until there is free capacity in the container to create the next product.

Hey TSy,
thanks for your answer. where or how can I change this capacity of the transport node? I just did not find the right part for change.
Thanks, DB

Seems that the component modeler has hidden the component container behavior from appearing in the component properties panel so you would need to do it from the Modeling tab.
If your version of VC doesn’t have the Modeling tab then you’ll need to find a workaround by using other components from the eCat.

I am fighting with the same problem. ComponentContainer capacity is adjusted, one part is created and it stays on the feeder.
If I replace the Transport Pattern In statement with the Transport In statement, it works.
Don’t I need a Source property for the Transport Pattern In statement?

B.r. Hans


Seems that the TransportPatternIn relies on “From Previous Process” source mode just like the StartTransportIn and Out. Therefore you need one process that creates the products and another process that receives those products for the pattern. A combination of “Feeder Process” and the “Process Node” for example.

Sorry, but I am a novice in PM, so I still don’t get it working.
See attachment:
PatternTest.vcmx (281.8 KB)

CreatePattern.vcmx (1.0 MB)

Maybe like this you can create product pattern

Thanks a lot, Popeye!
I will try

I’m trying to make a pattern out of cans and even though I changed the capacity, check sources and destinations but still it won’t run … Is there a possibility to make a pattern on the conveyor?? Or do I’ve to use pallet or some kind of plate to which the cans will be attached? Here is the layout I made.

Thanks in advance!!