Export video without Warm Up Time

Hi all,

Is it possible to export video files without including Warm Up Time?

Currently I have a simulation with a Warm Up Time of 30 minutes and I want to export the video from time 00:30:00 to 00:32:20 but I don’t find a way to export the video without including the initial 30 minutes and removing them with an external video editor.

Warm Up Time



Hello these are the steps that you sould follow:

  1. You can simply set your warm up time to 29:55 and hit run simulation button.
  2. When simulation arrives to 30:00 you can pause the simulation.
  3. Then click on record video button.

    This allows you to start recording at 30:00 and after that simulation will stop recording when time arrives to 32:20.

Perfect, thanks for this helpful trick!