Export & Report Function


We want to know is it possible to have the same function in 2014.The export Bill of material and report function is we want to know.Thx~


Hello Jerry,

The report functionality is not included at this moment.

The Bill of Material (BOM) can be found in in the drawing section. You will need to add a template, created a view of the components that you want and after that you can click the Bill of Materials (BOM) command. This will add the BOM to the drawing.

<p>Hello Holms, The BOM can be export to *.csv in 2014.Is it possiblem in this version?Will report functionality can be possiblem in the release verison?</p>

Hello Jerry,

now every component has the BOM relevant properties (BOM, BOMname, BOMdescription). So it shouldn’t be a problem to implement a simple PythonCommand that exports the BOM in *.csv or .xls/.xlsx.