Export of phy cables and robot traces in 3dpdf and animation


I created a gantry crane that use phy cables + joint to model the hook.
With the “TraceOn” functionatlity of the ActionScript I can see the simulated trace of the phy hook.

But when exporting:

  • 3Dpdf does not export the either phy cable and traces.
  • Animation does not export traces.

There is a way to export phy cabled and traces in 3dpdf and animation files?


Hi luciano,

The 3D pdf supports limited functionalities and as far as I know you can’t see traces in it.
I recommend that you try recording either a video or a vcax animation file instead of a 3D pdf.

Normal traces are also not visible in animation file, but you can use the swept volume to display the route that your hook has traveled. You can do this by setting the output 81 to True, and configuring the swept volume to only record the hook node instead of the whole robot.