Export IDockable Screen with x86 not working


i coded an IDockableScreen for VC.


Everything ist working fine when I compile the project with “AnyCpu”. :slight_smile:

But I have to compile the Project in x86 because an old dll is included in the code!

Needed Configuration

Is there any way to do this??


A 64-bit process (application) can’t load 32-bit assemblies (dll) and vice versa. Visual Components 4 is 64-bit only, so it is not possible to make a 32-bit plugin for it.

Only workaround is to make a separate 32-bit application that runs in its own process and communicates with a 64-bit plugin in VC 4. The interprocess communication between these can be implemented in many different ways such as using named pipes, sockets, COM etc. and many .NET libraries exist for that.