Execute VC 4.0 commands in Plugin (why reinvent the wheel, so to speak)

So I was asked the other day how to execute “Extract component” command found on the feature tree context menu in a VC 4.0 .NET API plugin. I said the answer is simple. Simply do this in your plugin.

var cmd = IoC.Get<ICommandRegistry>();
var extractCmd = cmd.FindItem(“ExtractComponentCommand”);

Ok good but how did you know the command Id? Well I simply went through the command registry and display the UI name against the Id.

var cmds = IoC.Get<ICommandRegistry>().Actions;
List<string> cmdsList = new List<string>();

foreach (IActionItem cmd in cmds)
cmdsList.Add(cmd.Content + ": " + cmd.Id);

var sort = from s in cmdsList
orderby s ascending
select s;

foreach (string cmdList in sort)
IoC.Get<IMessageService>().AppendMessage(cmdList, MessageLevel.Warning);

Well, it’s that simple.


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Super useful!