Dual Headed Gripper Picking two Bottles at Once


I am getting a cobot to pick and place bottles on a production line from a process node that spawns bottles, to a labelling machine that holds one bottle at a time, then transfer these newly labelled bottles to a filling machine which humans load two bottles at a time.

I am trying to program a cobot to pick one bottle from source, then change tool to pick again. This then allows to label one bottle then rotate the dual gripper and label the other. It should then be able to place both of these bottles in a filling machine.

My problem is that the cobot won’t grasp the second bottle from the source to present two bottles to labeller. I still want to label them one at a time. Once I get the cobot to lift two bottles consecutively I can modify this for future, thanks

Cobot Experiments.vcmx (13.6 MB)

Could someone help me please?

Hi Patrick,

try does it work. I’ve activated multigrasp option on cobot and configured both action signals (100 and 103 for grip action).

Cobot Experiments.vcmx (14.4 MB)

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That’s great thanks very much!

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Where is the grab signal set, * Where can I modify it

Maybe you should just try to click “On True” and “On False” :wink:
Or you need to use VisualComponents Premium for this action, I really don’t know what Premium includes …

VisualComponents lessons are very helpful and you can probably find your solution in this video:

Model a Gripper - Part 2 - YouTube

You misunderstood, I want to know why the program chose out200 as the grab signal instead of out100, And out200 does not define it as a grab signalimage

In the signals button on home, when connecting signals to the robot controller, 200 is set to the default for grasping. Output 100 is set as a signal going to a gripper to do the action of grasping, not the actual attachment of the bottle to the robot

Hi, I had progressed with this simulation but ended up having issues with placing the bottles at a destination. One bottle places fine but I have no idea why the second bottle is still attached to the gripper upon release. I think it’s an issue with the grasp signal but not sure how to fix it. Any help would be great

Cobot Experiments.vcmx (13.8 MB)

@Patrick13 you need to use same signals for different sequence:

  • Head 01 - OUT 103, 105
  • Head 02 - OUT 100, 102
    and this means for all sequences Load_PICK, Load_PLACE, Unload_PLACE.

For example under Load_PLACE are these 2 signals wrong:

you need to use here 100 and 102 to place the bottle.

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