Drive Link around Path


has someone an Idea how drive a link around a path like this:

My first approach was to set the the servoController.Joints[x].Dof.Value dynamically by phyton script, but it seems that this works not well… :frowning:

For any ideas I would be happy! :slight_smile:

Thx & Regards

Maybe make the “link” a separate component on a two-way path.

@captain_feature I would go for conveyors as well.


I try to realise this how you recommended and define the moving part as component. → With the two-way path I make a “grab” then the movement starts, so far so good.

First problem: The component disappears when the movement on the path has finished?

Second problem: How is it possible to control the start and stop of the moving component?

Third problem: I want to drive the moving part just for a specific distance on the complex path?

Thx & Regards

Hi @captain_feature
You can look for ‘Vertical Paternoster’ in library. It works same but your path is little bit more complicated.
For starting and stopping you can use path.Enabled = True/False
For distance calculating you just need to run conveyor for a time then stop it. Then you know how long it runs and whats the speed of the part. You can calculate from those.

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