Detach by Python Script

Hello, All

I am trying to split the components, that it is merged by Works Process, by python script.
Please let me know how to do it.

Hi @pmtzono

You can detach components by attaching the components to something else. To attach the component into ‘nothing’, you can attach it to the simulation world (sim.World). To retain the world position, check the example about using the attach() method in vcNode.


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Thank you for your reply.
It was very helpful for me!

Hello @Este,
is there a way in the other direction? I place three objects on a conveyor almost simultaneously (for loop from an other list). Currently they are sadly not transported together, but one after the other. The solution I can imagine is to connect the objects together (like the merge function in Works Process). If possible it should only work with Python, not Works.
I would be grateful for a suggestion.
Greetings from Germany

You can create a dummy component and merge those other components to your dummy. After that feed or transport that dummy later.
If you wont need your dummy you can always split and delete dummy component.