Customized Component Type

How can I save a component with a customized Type? At the moment I can only choose a predefine Type while saving but I can’t enter my own Type information.


Save the component in a directory linked to eCatalog panel, and then use the eCatalog panel to edit that file’s metadata. And Bob’s your uncle!

Bojack Horseman

Hi Zesty,

your proposal is just an apparent changing of the Type in the meta data of the eCat. If you load the component on another system, the component has still the Type defined during the saving.

So request to the developers: Please implement the possibility to enter an individual Type when saving a component.


Now I got it. At first you have to define a new component type in the meta data of the eCat and save the meta data. Afterwards the new component type will be available in the drop-down box of the save dialog.