Current speed values during u.a.r.m

Hi there!

I wondered how I can get the value of current speed during uniformly accelerated rectilinear motion of my conveyor. I tried with: speed = path.getProperty(‘Speed’) but it only gets maximum value so it is constant all the time.

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Hi @avicente
path.Speed = 500 or if you wanna handle it speed = path.Speed

Hey @ozan ,

Thanks for answering. It looks like it still only gets the maximum speed and not the current speed though.
speed doubt.vcmx (14.1 KB)

I think there isn’t just one “current speed” for a path. Each component’s movement on a path can be started and stopped independently, so they probably also accelerate and deaccelerate independently.

Thanks @TSy ,

What I actually need is the path to accelerate before the component arrives to simulate the conveyor accelerating. The component won’t need to accelerate since the path should have matched already the speed of the previous conveyor. However I need the acceleration to measure the distance travelled theoretically by that conveyor/path.
Does someone know a way?