Creating a simple non UI plug-in that can be used in python script

At the moment, 4.0 .NET API is currently more extensive than the python API. I assume that at some point both of these APIs will be comparable.

The attached pdf document describes how to create a plug-in (without UI) to 4.0 that can be used in a command or component script.




I guess you forget the attachement.

If someone has example like this would be helpfull.

In the 4.1.1 Python API reference, there is a topic about creating a .NET command aka “action item”, which you can call from a Python script. I believe the knowledgebase article is also still there on the new support site as well.

The “Creating Add-ons” course in Academy is all about this stuff as well.

You could also take a look at page 3 of this tutorial, but it is mostly about how to get component data and visualize it in a WPF control using MVVM.

Note that everything I mentioned comes with read-made files, which you can download and review.

Hello Zesty i will work on my .Net skills first then return here with making sense questions. I dont wanna steal any time of you guys.

But thanks for the answer.