Create a filled Box in Process Modeling

I learned from the Tutorial Video Process Modeling - 4 ( how to put a component into a box. Now I would like to know how to create a filled box and transport it somewhere inside Process Modeling.
I was previously doing the following tasks in WorksProcess:

After accomplishing this - is there also a way to arrange the newly created components inside the box - similar to TeachLocation in WorksProcess?

Thanks a lot!

Hi @bastiank

Create statement doesn’t have a ProductPositionFrame property that you could set to define the location for each product (CylinderGeo in his case).

Instead you can use “Feeder Process” to feed the products via Interpolating Transport Link to a “Process Node” process where you actually transport in those products and merge. For the positioning you have a few choices:

  1. If you have a constant pattern of CylinderGeos, then use simply TransportInPattern statement
  2. If you don’t have a constant pattern, use TransportPatternIn (with Pattern 1,1,1) and use the offset to define the position for each product i.e. one statement for each product.
  3. Create a frame to the “Process Node” for each product (CylinderGeo) and assign a frame for each TransportIn statement i.e. one statement for each product.
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