Changing conveyor Speed according to components

Hello, I hope this is the right place to ask a solution to my problem.
I have two question about changing and adjusting the conveyor speed according to a different component generated by a feeder (in batch mode). I’ve created two type of components (two boxes with different materials) in batch of 50 parts each; when the first box is generated, the conveyor must move with a speed of 2.4 m/min but when the batch is converted in box number 2 the conveyor speed must be 1.2 m/min.

1.The first question relates to whether is possible or not possible to do this and how this can be done.
2.The second question is related to the main layout I have to built; the layout consists in 3 main conveyor with different length and the 3 conveyor must have an independent speed. In my layout I would like to have that the conveyor speed change only after the components has been “taking over” by the conveyor.
Can you help me to find a way to solve this problem?

Thank you

You could do such with scripting (you posted this to the Python programming sub-forum) by listening for container transition events or having a component sensor on the path and then in that event handler change the speed.

But in practice it is probably much easier to take a Process Modeling “Process Node” component from eCat, snap it to the conveyor and in its process check the product type and use “Get Property” and “Assign variable” statements to change the speed of the path in the conveyor accordingly.

There is also a “Process Point” component to use as basis for scripting arbitrary functionality when some component passes a sensor point on a conveyor path.

Thanks a lot for the answer.
I didn’t know which was the right sub-forum to post my question to so I thought I’d post here.
I’ll try to use your suggestion to use the “process node” and I’ll let you know if I menaged to do it.