Change the transform of Components


I made an factory door components and I want to add an animation for it. When the signal triggered or the simulation start, the door can open or close accordingly.
I guess change the transform maybe helpful, but how to control the transform value is the problem

Hi @wkrstone

In general, a transform can be driven by a property of the component.
For performance reason it’s better to scale (transform) a whole link instead as a custom joint type.

If it’s a sliding door:
Define the door as a joint and apply IO-Control Wizard for it:

  1. Extract the geometry as a link
  2. Define translational joint
  3. Apply wizard

You can follow this tutorial until to part 6. Instead of EOAT Wizard use the IO-Control Wizard

If it’s a collapsing/telescopic type of door, then it gets more complicated than that…