Change position of part depending on signal


I want to change the position of parts entering a sensor conveyor to the same position of the sensor.

I have another component that periodically reads values from a database and depending on the read values signals the selected conveyor. The conveyor checks if an Object is on the sensor right now, if not it should get the closest Object on the path before the sensor and put it there.

If possible all other Objects that are behind it should be moved the same distance relative to their own position.

I have tried using PositionMatrix but nothing changes and through path.grab(part) it freezes (without stopping the software).

I have seen examples that used ComponentContainer. Do I have to put them there, change their location and then back to the path? If yes, how do I do that?

Second question: I have a component that reads values periodically from a database and depending on the value signals other components through changing their properties and triggering the OnSignal event.

Through searching the forum I have read about this OPC UA which apparently can also send signals to the software which can change Properties and all that.

Would using OPC UA be better here? And is there a guide for that? I am a beginner with programming and I don’t know about setting a server or whatever.

I have a GUI with buttons to send information to the database. Is it possible to similarly send information with OPC UA?

Thanks for the help