Call Saved Project using in .NET

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I am trying to call the saved project (in .vcmx file format) in .NET and run that file using .NET command. But currently I am not able to understand how to call the .vcmx file in class library. If anyone have any solution (with example) then kindly reply me so that I can apply it to my work.

I don’t have access to the API atm, but you can execute a file using System.Diagnostics.Process.Start(filePath). This will open the file in its default program, e.g. mylayout.vcmx in VC 4.1.1.

Here are some examples from Web ->

If you want to open the saved project using .NET API, I believe there are already examples of this on the forum. If not, take a look at IApplication and ISimWorld. Also, check ICommandRegistry for a .NET command that can be called to open a layout.

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I have tried the same but getting error ‘IoC is not itialized’.

Below is my code. check and let me know what I am doing wrong.

class Program
static void Main(string[] args)
Myplugin myplugin = new Myplugin();


public class Myplugin : IPlugin
public void Exit()


public void Initialize()

public IVideoRecorder videoRecorder = null;
public void StartRecording()
//Reset simulation to stop recording
var app = IoC.Get<IApplication>();
app.Simulation.SimulationReset += OnSimulationReset;

//Set and Start Video recording
videoRecorder = IoC.Get<IVideoRecordExporter>();

//start simulation
var runtime = IoC.Get<ISimulationSettingViewModel>().SimulationRunTime;
IoC.Get<ISimulationService>().SwitchRunState(runtime, 0);


public void OnSimulationReset(Object sender, EventArgs e)
//Stop video Recording
string pathtosave = @“F:\WORK\video.avi”;
videoRecorder.Stop(IoC.Get<IUrlHelper>().LocalPathToUrl(pathtosave, false));



The Visual Components’ .NET API is only usable within plugins that are loaded into the Visual Components application at runtime. You can’t use the API from another process.

If you need such functionality, you need to create a plugin that implements some kind of specialized cross-process interface (what kind of interface is up to you), which your other applications can then call.