Calculate joint angles of linear moves for externally generated xml programs

Say we generate the xml program of Visual Component (VC) externally and import it in VC. We have basically generated the program for linear moves. Therefore, if we simulate it, the linear moves are shown while the joint angles in the xml program are ignored. So basically for all linear moves one can write all joint angles 0 in the xml while the simulation still working for the linear moves.

BUT, normally when we make the linear moves manually in VC, the program also writes the joint angles for each waypoint, which it also simulates. So how can we have those joint angles, for linear moves that are calculated outside VC?

a work around is to manually click on each linear move, make a new one, and delete the previous one which makes the the program write the joint angles for the new point. But this would be time consuming to regenerate every waypoint manually. Can anyone suggest an alternative?