CAD component point of grabbing

How do I get my robot to grab the top of my component? It is always trying to grab the side of it.

Depends on what type of grabing do you use, as far as i know with my basic knowledge there are at least two.

  1. Using workprocess where you use function feed or pick(feed is usually recommended)
  2. using program tab and build in signals for grasp

If you specify which type are you using then i think we can help you more.

The robot transport controller creates automatic motions, and I think it’s referencing the parts local coordinates. Use the Move Origin tool to make sure that the blue Z-axis is pointing up, and the robot should pick u the part along this axis.


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define a Frame in the component to grab named “pick”.


Hi Seidel,

I used workprocess feed task to grab it.

I tried myself to change some positions by idea i had but it didnt work. is there any chance you can upload your layout ?

Also tried same as Este recommended, it only moved piece to another location. It looks like it´s automatically counts middle of piece and then grab it there. I am sorry that i dont have an answer yet.