Bug with "Save as" and "Import" buttons.

Everything was okay before some moment when this buttons in modelling menu stoped responding to clicks.
Any suggestions why and how to fix this?

It is very unusual that the import “Geometry” and “Save As” buttons are not responding to mouse clicks. Note that the “Save As” is disabled if their is no component in 3D world. Check the application logs for errors. For example C:\Users%username%\AppData\Local\Visual Components\Visual Components Premium 4.0\Logs. It could be that their is an issue with the system’ .NET framework.

Also try reinstalling the application.

Moreover now I cannot access property changing window.

Here some logs

And ifI uninstall VC should I deactivate licence key before or no?

log-file-VisualComponents.Engine.Launcher.txt (1 KB)

log-file-VisualComponents.Engine.txt (46.9 KB)