[BUG] Different components geometry can't share names

I’ve found the reason for a super annoying bug, when different components in the layout are saved inside the layout (For example when loading CAD data but not saving them as seperate components.) and both of these components have geometries that are named the same (For example Geometry_0), Visual components will only save 1 of the geometries. So when you reload the layout, 1 of these components will actually use the geometry of the other.

Firstly component 1 before saving the layout

Component 2 before saving the layout

And then component 1 again after saving and reloading the layout

My working theory is that Visual Components saves every geometry but with only the geometry name and not the component name, so when there are 2 equally named geometry’s the first one will get overwritten with the second.

In here you can see the geometry_0 again. but then again without component specifier.

Contact support to report the bug. I cannot reproduce this. What options are using when saving the layout?