Blender 2.80 Addon

Hi @emeritus thank you so much, but i can’t access to download file Addon version 2.2.0 the error show “Invalid Link”

I’m also unable to access the 2.2.0 version with the same error.

Link is not valid anymore!

BUG feedback.

I am using the VisualComponents 4.5 Premium. When I export animation to Blender, I find that there is a difference between the expected frame number and the actual frame number, there are 10% of the keyframes are always missed. However, this problem does not exist in the 4.4 version. Is there any solutions?



Let me demonstrate this problem.


We can see that the animation in the above figure is recorded from the 10th to the 20th seconds, and it is recorded at the speed of 10 frames per second,The final output frames should be 1000.


However, the number of frames recorded each time is different, as shown in the figure above.
This can lead to a problem.

From the curve editor output to blender, we can see that the position change of the object is not a straight line, which will cause the animation to feel frustrated.


Blender Test.vcmx (62.9 KB)

The above file is used by my test.