Basic VC with Python questions

I’m new to VC but I’ve been programming industrial robots with OEM tools for the last 10 years. To what extent (if any) can the python scripts for a robot program be exported to the controller in the OEM language (TP, RAPID, KRL, etc.)?

I understand that there are Add-Ons that can be purchased. Do the Add-Ons make it possible to convert (to some extent) python scripts?

Yes. You can use these add-ons with VC at no additional cost.



I don’t know that much about other add-ons like this one.

You can use the exporter/ importer add-ons as examples for making your own. If you are using VC Premium, you can use the RDTE feature for UR robots, and the Stäubli add-on for VAL3. The extent of those two are documented in the Help > Tasks > Connectivity but you will only see topics on those items in Premium Help file.