Automatic Path Selection

I am using Kuka Sim Pro 3.0.4. I am trying to program the robot such that it can automatically create the path along the edges of any object. For eg., if a robot is placed next to a cube and on starting the simulation the robot tip moves along the edges of the cube.
Is it possible to do so or have to use PATH command to manually select the edges or curves on the object where the robot should be moving?


@zesty , @TSy Can you help me with the question ?


It is possible using API. You could use raycast method in vcApplication to cast ray from the active tool of robot to detect an edge, for example, and then generate motion targets along the edge, etc.

Another approach could be to do volume detector, but this is more of design issue. For example, you can use vcSimulation to make a volume detector to detect the object, and then try to get data you need. Otherwise, you can use vcTriangleSet method to detect positions, see “Example. Get position of points within an area filtered by direction” in help file.

Support can help you with the rest if needed.


Thank you so much for the help.