Attach error

Please advice why get below error.

Want to transport in as pattern ant attach products to each other to transport multiple. (Without using dummy product)

Process Node #307::ProcessExecutor__HIDE__::Process #1::Attach error: Expected process variable “ProductIn” to have value type “Ref” but the type is “List<Ref >”.

Hi birkanfl,
Did you ever figure out a solution or reason for this issue?
I am having the same problem.

The parent product where others will be attached must be a single product, not a list of products.

To add to what TSy said, the problem occurs if you use TransportPatternIn to get the parent part into the process. The TransportPatternIn creates a list of products, even if that list is only one product long. You should use TransportIn to get a single product.

The same happens if you use TransportIn to get multiple products to the same variable, so multiple products with variable name ProductIn for example.


Thanks TSy and Este.
I will look into it.