Attach Component to Camera

Hi guys

I wonder did anyone done something like attaching a component to camera?
I want a component to stay on screen like an hmi object.


do the AddIn “CameraFollowComponent” with the Option “Lock Camera Position” not the right thing?


I think you’re going for a what is opposite of the camera follow addon. Definitely check out the python code for that, and study the vcCamera API.

The basic idea to get a component to follow the camera could be something like this:

from vcScript import *
import vcMatrix

comp = getComponent()
app = getApplication()
camera = app.findCamera()

def OnRun():
  while True:
    wpm =
    #Set position only
    wpm.translateAbs(camera.Coi.X, camera.Coi.Y, camera.Coi.Z)
    comp.PositionMatrix = wpm

Yes more or less this is what i wanted. Now i ll configure this one to move also rotational camera movements and zoom in out movements.

Thanks Este.