Anna not working Flow Process


I have tried my best to get the human worker to do their assigned task. Initially, I had six workers and reduced it to two. However, I wasn’t successful with most of my tries.Could someone explin to me what I am doing wrong?

I really appreciate any help you can provide.

V1-3.vcmx (20.6 MB)

Processing: image.png…


Your Warehouse Shelf TransportIn statement has source as “from component container” over “from previous process” and more importantly your feeder is creating Laptop instead of Laptop1 which is in your flow group. Changing the source of all the transport nodes and then changing the feeder to create Laptop1 should fix the issue.

Also just as a heads-up your vcmx is whopping 20MBs large. Is it possible to shave off some triangles or some unused geometries because that layout is pretty heavy.