Agv Statistics

Hi there,

first of all let me say i love what u guys did with VC, really fast way to create powerfull simulations and the python open source system let me understand stuff really quick, keep going! So now to my small question, im currently using the AGV - library to simulate a project. On my Agvs im using a mix of force routes and needs/ feeds. I want to see the idle/ working relation on my Agvs. To see that i was hoping to just use the built in statistics tool. But it shows me simply too much idle time. My Agvs are working for minutes straight, my intervall is on 60s and the Statistics.Utilization graph keeps dropping. My question now is if in the agv brains script in in the OnRun() method if we get a “Move” - task we should call humanState(“Moving”). If we get other tasks this method is called. The graph looks better with that change. Tho im not 100% sure. Thank you in Advance

I don’t know the answer, but check if the Move task is setting the State property of the Statistics behavior associated with the AGV.