AGV Simulation Too Quick

Hi everyone!

I’ve set up a simple A to B route for an AGV (mir 200, specifically). It’s 5 meters, straight line, just movement with no conveyors etc. Very basic stuff and the simulation is working alright. I decided to compare it with the real thing: doing five laps in simulation and in the real world, and the simulation was about 60% faster.

I checked the AGV configuration and the maximum speeds, as well as other relevant values and they all matched. Does anyone know why the simulation is so much quicker? Maybe some tips on how to fine tune it or some obvious things I’ve missed.

It seems like the largest source of error is that the sim reaches max velocity straight away and it turns a lot quicker too. I’ve attached the sim if anyone is interested.


MiR Sim Move A To B (1).vcmx (1.2 MB)

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