AdvancedFeeder some option are missing in NG.

Cannot edit books, cannot select template file path … etc.


By the way, is vcHelpers.Application getDialog still working in NG?

I tried to getDialog,error occured, please check, thank you.


Traceback (most recent call last):

File “file:///C:\Users\LiuChungmin\Documents\Visual Components\4.0\My Commands\004_Aim\”, line 128, in first_state

File “C:\Program Files\Visual Components\Visual Components Essentials with Modeling Pack 4.0\Python\VisualComponents\vcHelpers\”, line 260, in show

cmd.Param_1 = self.LayoutItem



‘NoneType’ object has no attribute ‘Param_1’


Oh, I know how to edit the books now.

Still cannot define template part file path.

It seems that you remove getDialog on purpose.

Cannot find createPropertyWindow command.

Does it means old add-ons with getDialog method should be modified to executeInActionPanel?