Adding settings and configurations

Let me know if you need help adding, saving and implementing configurations, such as backstage options and user preferences.

Attached is a tutorial on how to add and customize settings. For example, the tutorial shows you how to create a new section of options in the backstage view.

AddingSettingsConfigurations.pdf (177 KB)



where can I find the ISettingViewModel?



Look in UX.Ribbon.


I use ISettingViewModel from UX.Ribbon

namespace VisualComponents.UX.Ribbon
    public interface ISettingViewModel : IScreen, IHaveDisplayName, IActivate, IDeactivate, IGuardClose, IClose, INotifyPropertyChangedEx, INotifyPropertyChanged
        bool IsVisible { get; }
        string Id { get; }
        IHeaderModel Header { get; }

        void CancelApplyingSetting();
        void SaveAndApplySetting();

but the "IHeaderModel " is obsolete, warning is :

CS0618 '“IHeaderModel”is obsolete:“This interface is obsolete. Please use IHeaderModel interface from VisualComponents.Create3D namespace!” UX.CustomSettings

if i use VisualComponents.Create3D.IHeaderModel , would not match the ISettingViewModel interface.

how can i solve this problem,thanks