Access properties of products within assemblies


I have a fixture that can be opened or closed, by changing the boolean value which triggers a servo.

The fixture and it’s product belongs to an assembly and I would like to close the fixture by changing the boolean variable while it is in a process node. The process node has transport-in statements in assembly-mode, exept I can’t access the properties of the individual parts of the assembly.

Is it possible to do it with an assign variable statement and if so what would be the syntax for that?


you can access the invidual parts of the assembly with the statement “GetAssembly”.
Then you can use the Assign by writing something like “[0].Component.” (replace the and with your variables name of course).
You can then use a counter and a loop to get all the parts in the AssemblyOrder or just specify the right step in the square brackets [ ]


Thanks Tilma!
I´ll try that!