About Visual Component

I would like to know that do I need any programming knowledge to learn VC. I am a machine and layout designer and use NX for 3D modelling. Can I just import 3D models to VC and do simulation. How easy for beginners. I don’t have any programming knowledge. I just want to simulate and check feasibility study and cycle time. The assembly line consist of different cell with different operations and it has conveyor system and robots for handling. Please somebody help me to understand VC before buying license.
Thank you in advance.

Hi @Santhoshoxford
Programming skills are by no means necessary to use Visual Components. In fact, the Essentials license does not even give you access to python scripts.

Most of the standard functionalities can be realized with the components already in the eCatalog.
Now with process modeling, the need to program is further reduced.

If you haven’t already, check out the VC Academy https://academy.visualcomponents.com/
There’s plenty of free tutorials to help you get started without any programming knowledge.
Welcome to the community!

Thank you so much. I will go through tutorial. I wanted to be sure about this software before buying it. Once we buy this it should be utilized properly. we haven’t used any simulation tool yet.