a problem with iron net keep flash in the video

I have a problem with recording video, as the view moving, the small iron net keep flashing.
I hope you can help me to stop it auto flashing anymore, thank you.

Might be the camera clipping or renderer having issues with the pixels of the net. Try increasing the quality setting and if that does not work then turn backfacing mode on in the iron net components.

I tried your suggestions but doesn’t solve my problem.

Maybe is the problem I didn’t make clear, so I attched my files this time.

Sorry, that looks like it is built into the software’s renderer, i.e. doing some sort of pixel shader calculation combined with 3 system lights in the scene.

I would suggest trying the Blender add-on. Otherwise, I have no idea.

That looks like a moiré effect. Increasing the resolution might help there, but the pattern is so small and the antialiasing in VC a bit bad so might not get rid of it. Try rendering the video with the blender addon as suggested for higher quality. That’ll take time but the result will be better.

What’s moire? this https://tinyurl.com/ycaeg8e9

I test rendered 40 frames in low res with blender. Moire seems not to be an issue there.

vid0001-0040.avi (2.64 MB)