Hi VC, great to see the New Gen.

I have just tested the 3dpdf export.

  1. Is there a way to get the time slider in 3dpdf as it was before?
  2. how can I edit the text areas on the left side in the 3dpdf? So far they are unedited.




if you add a string property ‘PDF_DESCRIPTION’ to your component, the component will be listed in the left top textbox (component list) of the exported 3dpdf. The value of the property will be shown in the bottom textbox, if you select an entry in the component list. You can also create your own PDF template using the Adobe Acrobat. Templates are located in following folder:

C:\Program Files\Visual Components\Visual Components Premium 4.0\PDF Templates



Currently it populates the BOM with the components that have the aforementioned PDF_DESCRIPTION-property, but this will most probably change to something a bit easier before the release.

When exporting a 3D-PDF there is no possiblity to set the background color and lighting of u3d-window. Those settings would be a good feature.

Hi Ralle,

I will add those things to the wish list.

Thanks for the ideas.

BR, ImHolms

Hi VC guys,

The Invisible component was exported to 3DPDF. No export, or keep visiblity option is better for me.